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I am so Excited to introduce you to Thrive Life Freeze Dried Food!

Hello and Welcome!

I am generally not one to tell stories or share very easily with that in mind…

My 1st Thirve Life food party for a friend, she was hosting it and of course I wanted to support her. I should have not eaten dinner before I went but, I had never been to one and I had no clue what it was or what I was in for.

Samples of different items like Fruit smooties, waffles, eggs and I got to try the fruit and veggies that were freeze dried. I was surprised! IT WAS GREAT TASTING FOOD!

I signed up for the “Q” with a $50 budget.

What I found most wonderful about all of this is that I didn’t have to wash, cut or chop, or pre-cook anything.

All I had to do was add a little bit of water  to reconstitute it and it was golden. Now at first I though how am I going to use this “food storage” because I am not going to invest in food that I had no clue how to use.

I don’t have to make trips to the grocery store as often and I’m not tempted by the checkout counter or the isles that I really don’t need to be walking down.

Think about it… How long do these FRESH grocery store items have to travel before they hit the shelf??? Weeks and they are picked early before the natural order of things.

Thrive life freeze dried food

Well now my husband wanted nothing to do with this, its just plain odd and there is no way I am eating this, so stop wasting our money… I was already adding this product to my food storage (which was so awesome to me). I called my consultant and asked her if she ever had tasting parties?

My friend put one together so that I could take my husband and he could try and experience the freshness of Thrive Life Food and guess what. He is totally on board now!

We have made so many more meals together and the best part about all of this is that there is absolutely NO WASTE!

I use exactly the amount that I need and I am actually saying money and time. It’s Fantastic! I decided that I needed to be a consaltant just to save a bit more money on my purchases and thats how it all started.

Thrive life freeze dried food CLICK HERE for more information and Have a Wonderful Day!

Thanks for reading.