The Green Life

The green life. It matters what you do, the choices you make and those choices do affect others, there is no way around that fact. So lets make better choices together, educate ourselves and purchase those products that help our environment and our bodies.

6 Reasons You Need to Start Using Natural & Organic Facial Care Products Now

Your skin protects you, but do you protect your skin? For a great look, a beautiful first impression and stronger skin, natural and organic facial care products work best. Here are six reasons you need to start using natural and organic facial care products now.

1) You Are What You Wear!

Organic Facial Care

Your skin is a protective layer for the rest of your body; however, it is also our largest organ. Organs absorb, meaning the things you put on your skin may end up in your bloodstream. Make sure that you feed your skin only natural products, and your skin will reward you by helping the rest of your body stay healthy!

2) You Help Your Smell as You Help Your Look!

Fragrance-Free Facial Care Products

Most traditional skin products rely on synthetic, alcohol based chemical concoctions for their smell, which is usually an overcompensation or a mask of the uncomfortable odor from preservatives and laboratory mixes. Mother Nature has the best smells by far, and using organic facial products like the Alba Botanica Deep Sea Facial Mask not only improves your look, but your aura as well! 

3) You Get Rid of Allergies!

Get Rid of Allergies


Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to suffer to look good. The pesticides and preservatives you find in products from international beauty retailers may be the cause of many of your annual sniffle fests and unknown breakouts. The government does not regulate cosmetics like it should, and manufacturers can use certain ingredients without even telling you. The side effects of those products may even be negating the stated effect of the product! Be safe, not sorry – remove all of those unknown elements by going natural with products like a Natural Even Advanced Sea Kelp Facial Toner.

4) Natural Products Have Nutrients!

Do you need your daily dose of vitamin C or vitamin E? You can get it from your skin care products (remember, the skin is our biggest organ!) – but only if they are truly natural! If the farmers and manufacturers are using natural ingredients, the nutrients that come from these ingredients naturally make their way into the final product. Getting more vitamin A sure beats an extra dose of formaldehyde, wouldn’t you say?

5) Buying Natural and Organic Makes You Green!

Farmer's Market

When you protect your health and fix those pesky little facial flaws with natural products like the Alba Botanica Quick Fix for Under Eye Circles, you support organic farmers. By definition, an organic farmer stays away from the pesticides and weird fertilizers that harm the atmosphere. You are going green and helping yourself at the same time without even trying!

6) You Get More Value for Your Money!

the green life

The misconception that natural products are more expensive is completely untrue – have you checked the prices of traditional products in the local department stores lately? Additionally, your skin organ functions off of nutrition just like the rest of your body. Because you get vitamins in organic skin care products, your skin needs less of it. Because you use less product during each application, you pay less overall!