View from the top (make it a World of Service):

With everything going on in the world today there seems to be a lot of discontent and blaming and not enough kindness. He did this and she did that and I know it’s because of the Color or Nationality (I SAY BULL CRAP). We are all free to make our own choices and decisions but apparently no one thinks that there are any consequences for what they say or did. Wake up people! As for me I accept you for just being you… I would like the same respect…

We are all held responsible for our own actions and thoughts…


We live in a world where most people think they can just do anything whenever or however they want. Entitlement, well let’s just not go there for now… I am looking at the world through hopeful eyes and educating myself with mentors whether through books or videos.

Wherever I can find any logical reasoning of someone with a brain and who actually wants to use it! Common sense (What is that?) Humans don’t have a clue anymore, we have been told how to behave for so long that there are just too many rules and regulations that take our freedoms away and so WHY should I THINK or stand on our own two feet???  There is a lot of good in this big beautiful world that we live in and I like call home for now.

We were put on this earth to learn, grow, be kind and love one another and to try to be more like Christ.

Start the Movement Serve one another. It doesn’t have to be big just, small kind acts.    world - service

Ideas for service;

  • Make a family members bed.
  • Take out the trash for a neighbor.
  • Go grocery shopping for an elderly person.