natural and organic

The green life, make it Natural and organic. It matters what you do, the choices you make and those choices do affect others, there is no way around that fact. Some would speculate that organic isn’t better… I beg to differ… The problems that we face today comes from all the pesticides and other things that our bodies weren’t meant to have so they cause illness a the sub level. So lets make better choices together, educate ourselves and purchase those products that help our environment and our bodies.

6 Reasons You Need to Start Using Natural & Organic Facial Care Products Now

1) You Are What You Wear!

2) You Help Your Smell as You Help Your Look!

3) You Get Rid of Allergies!

4) Natural Products Have Nutrients!

5) Buying Natural and Organic Makes You Green!

6) You Get More Value for Your Money!

You get vitamins in organic skin care products, your skin needs less of it. Because you use less product during each application, you pay less overall!

 natural - organic -healthier choices

Benefits of Salt Candles:

They are air cleaners, they help with Symptoms of asthma,

They ease coughing spells, Increase energy, They help with sleep,

Can help improve mood and they help with seasonal Affective disorder.