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I am so Excited to introduce you to Thrive Life Freeze Dried Food!

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I am generally not one to tell stories or share very easily with that in mind…

My 1st Thirve Life food party for a friend, she was hosting it and of course I wanted to support her. I should have not eaten dinner before I went but, I had never been to one and I had no clue what it was or what I was in for.

Samples of different items like Fruit smooties, waffles, eggs and I got to try the fruit and veggies that were freeze dried. I was surprised! IT WAS GREAT TASTING FOOD!

I signed up for the “Q” with a $50 budget.

What I found most wonderful about all of this is that I didn’t have to wash, cut or chop, or pre-cook anything.

All I had to do was add a little bit of water  to reconstitute it and it was golden. Now at first I though how am I going to use this “food storage” because I am not going to invest in food that I had no clue how to use.

I don’t have to make trips to the grocery store as often and I’m not tempted by the checkout counter or the isles that I really don’t need to be walking down.

Think about it… How long do these FRESH grocery store items have to travel before they hit the shelf??? Weeks and they are picked early before the natural order of things.

Thrive life freeze dried food

Well now my husband wanted nothing to do with this, its just plain odd and there is no way I am eating this, so stop wasting our money… I was already adding this product to my food storage (which was so awesome to me). I called my consultant and asked her if she ever had tasting parties?

My friend put one together so that I could take my husband and he could try and experience the freshness of Thrive Life Food and guess what. He is totally on board now!

We have made so many more meals together and the best part about all of this is that there is absolutely NO WASTE!

I use exactly the amount that I need and I am actually saying money and time. It’s Fantastic! I decided that I needed to be a consaltant just to save a bit more money on my purchases and thats how it all started.

Thrive life freeze dried food CLICK HERE for more information and Have a Wonderful Day!

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View from the top (make it a World of Service):

With everything going on in the world today there seems to be a lot of discontent and blaming and not enough kindness. He did this and she did that and I know it’s because of the Color or Nationality (I SAY BULL CRAP). We are all free to make our own choices and decisions but apparently no one thinks that there are any consequences for what they say or did. Wake up people! As for me I accept you for just being you… I would like the same respect…

We are all held responsible for our own actions and thoughts…


We live in a world where most people think they can just do anything whenever or however they want. Entitlement, well let’s just not go there for now… I am looking at the world through hopeful eyes and educating myself with mentors whether through books or videos.

Wherever I can find any logical reasoning of someone with a brain and who actually wants to use it! Common sense (What is that?) Humans don’t have a clue anymore, we have been told how to behave for so long that there are just too many rules and regulations that take our freedoms away and so WHY should I THINK or stand on our own two feet???  There is a lot of good in this big beautiful world that we live in and I like call home for now.

We were put on this earth to learn, grow, be kind and love one another and to try to be more like Christ.

Start the Movement Serve one another. It doesn’t have to be big just, small kind acts.    world - service

Ideas for service;

  • Make a family members bed.
  • Take out the trash for a neighbor.
  • Go grocery shopping for an elderly person.



natural and organic

The green life, make it Natural and organic. It matters what you do, the choices you make and those choices do affect others, there is no way around that fact. Some would speculate that organic isn’t better… I beg to differ… The problems that we face today comes from all the pesticides and other things that our bodies weren’t meant to have so they cause illness a the sub level. So lets make better choices together, educate ourselves and purchase those products that help our environment and our bodies.

6 Reasons You Need to Start Using Natural & Organic Facial Care Products Now

1) You Are What You Wear!

2) You Help Your Smell as You Help Your Look!

3) You Get Rid of Allergies!

4) Natural Products Have Nutrients!

5) Buying Natural and Organic Makes You Green!

6) You Get More Value for Your Money!

You get vitamins in organic skin care products, your skin needs less of it. Because you use less product during each application, you pay less overall!

 natural - organic -healthier choices

Benefits of Salt Candles:

They are air cleaners, they help with Symptoms of asthma,

They ease coughing spells, Increase energy, They help with sleep,

Can help improve mood and they help with seasonal Affective disorder.


Cleanse your body with healthy recipes for cooking

In today’s world its all about fast food that is high in salt, fats and a lot of other unhealthy bi-products. , Uuse organic when possible and don’t forget to wash all those wonderful fruits and vegetables before you use them. We offer a smoothie cleanse, Metabolic -Fat loss cookbook, Favorite restaurant recipes. Cleanse your body with healthy cooking and feel better knowing that you are taking care of yourself!

cleanse the body- healthy- cooking - recipes

The 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse  While many diets are bad for your body, the 10-Day Smoothie Cleanse flushes out toxins and rejuvenates your health with these benefits:

Metabolic Cooking – Fat Loss Cookbook  Healthy Eating is part of Healthy Living.  We all need to focus on it, because it is a key part to a healthy and long life.  Here you can learn how to cook to increase metabolism, so you can get fat loss while you are eating.  Great for us all!


Fat Burning Kitchen, 101 Anti-aging Foods, Truthaboutabs Etc.  Looking to get the most out of life?  Well start with your FOOD… this will surprise you, and best of all there are so many ways to use food to fight the aging of time.

Make Your Favorite Restaurant Dishes At Home!  Have those favorite restaurant meals, but want to save money, stay at home, or even surprise or impress your friends?  This amazing cookbook is for you…

Coconut Oil!!!  Check out the many benefits you can gain by having Coconut Oil a part of your daily life.   GO HERE for more information. Cleanse- body- healthy - cooking

Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals Having a family, and providing foods that are healthy and helpful in burning fat may be hard, but not anymore.  Check this out!